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If you are interested in hosting a class in your area or would like more information on possible upcoming classes, feel free to contact me.

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 Current Teaching Schedule:

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Iron Pentacle
6-week class, starting on Tuesday, January 9th
Sebastopol, CA
with Irisanya and Honeycomb


Call them back to you and claim them as your birthrights. 

Through trance, movement, ecstatic practices, journaling, and interactive exercises, we will explore and balance those points of the Iron Pentacle to step into our whole, radiant selves. We ask that participants be committed to attending all six classes.

Prerequisite: Reclaiming Elements of Magic or equivalent training

* * * * *
Weekend intensive, Friday February 2nd - 4th
Pittsburgh, PA
with Amoret


Find your power in community. Light the way.

Class Prerequisite: Elements of Magic Reclaiming Core Class

* * * * *
Weekend intensive, Friday March 23rd - 25th
Santa Rosa, CA
with Irisanya and Honeycomb

Beauty - Devotion - Creativity - Desire - Expression

In a world where beauty is considered both frivolous and a commodity, how do we dance between definitions? 

How can we remember to embrace and to allow ourselves to experience beauty? 

By walking and experiencing the points of the Beauty Pentacle, we will move through our questions, share stories, laugh, witness each other, bless our bodies, and open fully to what we see in the world and what we can see in the mirror.

In this class, we come together to acknowledge and give thanks for the beauty in our lives. This work is sacred work and the work of being human and divine.

Cost: Sliding scale: $90 - $240

To register email: Phoenix@phoenixlefae.com

* * * * *
The Story of Ritual - Crafting Ritual Arcs with Story
Weekend intensive, Friday, April 6th - 8th
Philadelphia, PA
with Gwion

Creating the story of a ritual for a single magical event, weekend intensive, multi-week class offering, or week long workshop is a journey into the magical work and play itself. 

How do we make rituals effective? What techniques do we employ to convey the ineffable and mysterious? How do story and myth impact you? What tales do you bring to your magic? Where are the entry points and are they the same for every person participating in the magic? 

Together we will explore hidden themes and lost characters and discover the rich landscape of collaborative ritual making.

Prerequisite: Elements of Magic or similar magical is suggested
Registration: Details to follow soon
Cost: Cost to follow soon

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