Hail and Welcome!

My name is Phoenix LeFae, also known as Miss Phoenix.  I am a professional reader, rootworker, writer, ritualist, and spiritual teacher

I have been practicing witchcraft for over twenty years and my desire to grow has encouraged me to learn about a wide range of faiths, beliefs, and traditions. It is through my study of varying systems that I have grown into a rootworker and teacher; helping people to find their way, hear their calling, and get back to their path.

My base practices and teachings are connected to the Reclaiming Tradition of Witchcraft. My rootwork comes from several years of study with catherine yronwode and I am a graduate of her Hoodoo Correspondence Course. I am a reader for Lucky Mojo Curio Co. and Missionary Independent Spiritual Church for in person and phone readings. I can also be reached several nights a week at Hoodoo Psychics ext 2323.

Beyond titles and traditions; I am a spiritual seeker looking for the Power of the Goddess in all things.  My desire is to help people find the answers that they seek and show them the way to getting what they want from life.

Blessed Be!

Three candles that illuminate every darkness; truth, nature, knowledge.

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